Only work without entertainment makes people stupid

Chadwick posted on April 04, 2018 at 08:58

Work and play is an eternal topic for human being, people work so hard all the time, they need to improve their life level by working, while at the same time, playing for fun is people’s desire, they are willing to play in their hearts, but they know they can’t live without working. As for me, I balance work and play, only in this way, my life will be wonderful.

Everyone needs to work, that’s what they should do in most of their lives. Working endows people’s lives with meaning, people work for living, they need to meet their ends meet, raise their kids. What’s more, if they want to find the amusement, they also need money to create fun.

There is a saying that all work no play makes Jack a dull, it tells people they should find the amusement sometimes, people just can’t work all the time, even the machine needs to take a break. Working all the time bores people, the constant recycling work fades people’s passion, they need to play to breathe the new air, so that they can work better.

Work and play should be combined, people play to gain passion and to work in a better way.

The bandits returned to Sanshou to help the old nest with the spoils, and met the leader Han Sanchun directly. Chunqin did not expose the identity of Shen Xing, pretending to be the widow of the Eastern Hospital, but was almost thinned by a man named Niu Ge. Zhou Ying couldn't sit back and ignore it. He did not hesitate to admit his identity and warned Han Sanchun not to act rashly.

Zhou Ying started to go out early in the morning, but heard that Zhou Laosi and Zhang Ma talked about the experience of Wu’s grandfather’s business. At that time, the local market was seized, and Wu Laotai went directly to other places to sell goods. This inadvertently heard the words of Zhou Yingxin, she also decided to go to the same as the old man, a turn to come.

When Xiaojiang, Xiaowu and Wang Shijun were unable to do anything, Zhou Ying came. She looked serious and said her own idea - to Dihua to sell cloth. After listening to the four masters, I feel that this method may be fatal, and the risk is too great. The second master also said that the Wu family in Dihua's Shenglongquan did not open the situation, maybe there is not a place suitable for doing business.

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